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NEW Video! A beginner guide to v60 coffee. 4 key points to fix your pour.

Hey folks!

Today we wanted to give you a link to our last YouTube video which we put online a month ago: A beginner guide to v60 coffee. 4 key points to fix your pour (just for the case you have miss it). 

Here at Surf Shop Roastery we love to brew V60 pour over coffee to showcase our product and provide experience in most pure form possible. During our community get together weekends in Hamburg we often explain and show how to master this hand brewing method and which events are essential to achieve pleasing result. As our weekends are currently on hold due to global p***emic situation, we decided to share with you this experience in digital form. In this video we will not only take you through the process of brewing but also will take time to explain the steps in details. We will share the recipe that we use for 95% of our coffees and guide through the key events to help you to repeat it at home.

Take care & stay strong!

Jan Jan Florence

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