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Hey folks!

Here is a link to one more video we filmed and edited back in September of this year. A simple narrative that takes a viewer on a journey with us three through the key thoughts that rambling around in our heads by end of this mad and crazy 2020. Starting from taking off from the last camp stay around Hanstholm, Denmark, taking a ferry to cross a fjord on the way back to Hamburg, landing in the store on Friday eve, dialing in coffees & preparing room for weekend we move to the very important talks for us, a retrospective of what have happened and where we go. We lead there through the “Pineapple scene” which conducts a simple message. How much it take to be happy? The answer is simple. A bag of dry pineapples. How much it takes to learn it? Life. Next scene, we’re questioning our self “what is future, is there any future, is thee any sense in such future?” we try to tell the true story of SURF SHOP ROASTERY, let a viewer feel with us, let stay in the breath room with us. The footage of places let a viewer to see, what inspires us the most. That’s how we see it. That’s SURF SHOP ROASTERY.

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