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About us

SSR is a micro coffee roastery, online shop and community get together place for folks who want to leverage their coffee habits to deliver improvement on everyday life, support quality focused producers at roaster level but also at farm level, explore and share more tasty coffee.

The Timeline

SSR was designed & launched in 2015. At this time we decided to move back to Hamburg, sold out one of our entrepreneurship in Munich and got a breath for the new things to try and test. We were in love with the town as one of the most ocean minded in whole Germany. A town which is full of old Volkswagen vans rusted by salty air and heavy rains coming all year round, cold-water surfers anticipating weekend getaway more then probably anybody else on Earth and have Europe’s third largest container port with some 700.000 tons of green coffee imported every year. It felt like a right place to be, what  was the most critical factor for such move at that time.

Shortly before getting us sorted out in town, we’ve got an opportunity to take over an old surf shop in the bay where Jan used to spend many of his windy days. It was a perfect place to install the roaster, to arrange the proper green storage & have a small community place to have a chat, stock up on beans or get something from surf gear we still offered back into days. This place became SSR's home base from late 2015 till mid of 2017 & gave us a possibility to bring our own style of craft coffee into life.

In mid 2017 we opened a seasonal coffee stand in Hamburg’s harbor, a casual place with a little space inside which is just right sized to grab a coffee & a snack, have a long stroll in harbor watching ocean container vessels drifting to dock.

In early 2019 we opened a community get together place in lay back area of Hamburg’s Eimsbuttel.