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Los Bucaros, Colombia

Los Bucaros, Colombia

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Farm: Los Bucaros

Region: Antioquia, Ciuadad Bolivar

Altitude: 1600-1800 m.a.s.l.

Varietal: Maragogype

Process: Washed

Notes: Green grape, cucumber, mint, melon.


We do recommend to let this particular coffee to stabilize at least 5 days after roasting. 

Keep package airtight closed using package zip. Avoid fridge storage. 

About coffee

I thought to start it as following:  "it was a long time we haven't bought any Maragogype". But lets be honest (and that what we are here for) we have never bought any Maragogype. If you asks why, we would be quite straight forward, because everything we got to test in samples by now had descriptors of hazelnut, caramel, chocolate. So, exactly this type of greens we never buy at SURF SHOP ROASTERY. Los Bucaros was a very different case. It is delicate coffee with great amount of fruit character and satisfying sweetness which we discovered when looked for a new coffee this spring. It has all the positive attributes we used to get from classy washed Colombians, but also has some extra level of smoothness and sweetness in the profile. It got herbal part, which for our roasting style often is the case in washed Colombians. We put it in the profile through cucumber and mint descriptors (think Cucumber Mint Gimlet on hot summer day). Now get back to your hot summer day dreams and add some extremely sweet melon to your Gimlet, here we are, it is about melon component. Think wine yard and fresh green grape juice in early autumn which is sweet, sticky and has great acidity to it. That is the very first descriptor of Los Bucaros. Overall it is a pleasing coffee that let you dream summer while you get through German spring, a season full of chilly days and luck of vitamin D. Other way around, it is our version of hug in the mug for you to get through whatever you are in. We wish you the best and we like you stay happy and caffeinated. Cheers. xxx

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