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Ngororero, Rwanda
Ngororero, Rwanda
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Ngororero, Rwanda

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Producers: Ngororero Coffee Growers Processing Station

Region: Western Provence, Rwanda

Varietal: red bourbon, jackson

Process: fully washed

Notes: Apricot, black tea, raspberry



We do recommend to let this particular coffee to stabilize at least 5 days after roasting. 

Keep package airtight closed using package zip. Avoid fridge storage. 

About coffee

During the 2019 harvest, CCR purchased cherries from six different communities in Ngororero District. This coffee comes from an area called Kasese. CCR worked with 273 farmers in Kasese. Farmers delivered their harvest to Site Collector Phocas Mushimiyimana, Coffee Scouts Valens Jyamubandi and Letithis Uwingororano. The cherries were floated and sorted into Cherry Quality A and B. Cash was paid on delivery. Farmers providing Cherry A received a 25% bonus above National Farm Gate Price. The cherries were then picked up by truck and delivered to the station for final weighing before processing.

The quantity and quality of the cherries, along with weather conditions, determine the processing method. For Fully washed process, the cherries were placed in the general floating tank. When enough water entered the tank, the cherries went through a drum pulper, and pregrading sieve. The parchment then went through the pre-grading channel, where it was sorted by density. The parchment then entered the tiled fermentation tank, and left uncovered for 16-24 hours. No water was added during the fermentation process. When enough mucilage had been removed, the coffee was footed to remove all remaining mucilage. The parchment then entered the cleaning channel, where it received a quick rinse before being put on the pre-drying tables. A team of 24 women removed green and defected beans. After resting for 48 hours, the parchment was moved onto drying tables, where it was moved and monitored for even drying and picked over for all remaining defective beans.

Rainfall is high in Ngororero. Which creates a lot of challenges when trying to dry coffee. There may be days when it rains throughout, while others have the occasional 4-5 hour window of sun. To ensure consistent drying, we would cover the parchment with shade during peak day time. After 16-21 days, the parchment had sufficiently dried and removed to storage for rest.

In August, after milling parchment at Rugali Dry Mill, the coffee was moved to NAEB export warehouse where it was hand sorted three times for defects and irregular beans. During hand sorting, CCR employed an average of 120 women each day for 3 weeks.

For the 2019 Harvest, CCR made two additional payments to farmers, outside of the initial purchase of cherries. The second payment occurred in the form of a selection bonus, which was provided in September 2019. A third bonus of Quality, was distributed in February 2020, before the start of harvest.

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